sabato 21 dicembre 2013

Snow art per l'inizio dell'inverno!

Datosi che oggi formalmente inizia l'inverno, io vi lancio un po' di immagini con le quali riempirvi gli occhi e tollerare il freddo. Ché, tra l'altro, quando vedo le belle follie delle quali siamo capaci, mi si dipinge sempre un sorriso da un orecchio all'altro, e mi risale un minimo di fiducia negli esseri umani.
Questo artista si chiama Simon Beck, è un ingegnere, e realizza tali disegni nella neve a passi e camminate - con tanta pazienza, dedizione, cura e impegno.
Buona visione!

Out of this world: A giant artwork created by British artist Simon Beck on a frozen lake using only his feet in Les Arcs, France
Spectacular: Some of the large designs span the size of six football pitches
Resort: Mr Beck creates the patterns while wearing snowshoes
Huge: Each pattern is crafted by Mr Beck alone in the skiing town of Les Arcs, where he lives during winter
Natural shelter: Mr Beck has created hundreds of the artworks after ploughing his first at Christmas in 2004
Doubling up: Mr Beck uses what he describes as a 'kind of reverse orienteering' to plot his intricate paths before walking along the route in a pair of snowshoes
Popular with tourists: More of Mr Beck's work can be seen on his Facebook page
Painstaking: Two admirers are rendered tiny by the vast ice sculpture
Swirling star: Mr Beckl aid many of his patterns can equal the effort needed to climb halfway up Mont Blanc
Unique: The higher the viewpoint, the better the artworks look
Ice cool: Mr Beck's art proves a treat for cable car users
Decorative: Mr Beck's snow art has become an annual treat for locals and holidaymakers
Intricate: The designs are incredibly complicated considering they are created by a man walking around
Unmissable: Many people travel from miles around to get a look at Mr Beck's work
Precise: Mr Beck has honed his unique art over the last eight years

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Sono d'accordo con Alberto. Mi manca la neve!

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